Thursday, September 06, 2007

Chi-town, here I come!

In my opinion, one of the most fabulous things in life is going on a road trip with someone you love.

This weekend, the hubby and I are dropping off the doll-baby with her grandparents and heading to Chicago for his cousin's wedding! I can't wait. I love weddings. I love seeing the giving away, the newlyweds exchanging vows, the first kiss, the proclamation of marriage, the bouquet toss, the cake-cutting, the first dance, everything! I seem to have a newfound appreciate for it now that I'm married.
Being the good wife that I am, I'm planning on taking the hubby out to dinner Saturday night (the wedding's on Sunday). Anyone have any suggestions on where to go?


Yolanda said...

Hope you had a wonderful get away!!! Sounds like a fun time, I just love weddings :)

Clark Kent said...

Yeah, good thing that you're married and not me... I don't know how long that would last! LMAO! Where'd you end up taking the hubby out to eat at?