Sunday, November 25, 2007

So many updates, so little time...

I am in the full holiday spirit this year.
First, my daughter turned one last Tuesday, marking a huge milestone in both of our lives. I'm fully determined to make every year as wonderful as the first one was. We finally had professional pictures taken, as you can see for yourself. Let me tell you, it's a lot harder getting that child to sit still and smile than I though it was going to be. Thank God we managed to get a few good shots!
My Thanksgiving was lovely, with my brother-in-law and his beautiful girlfriend stopping by. (They even complimented me on my cooking!)
I woke up Black Friday ready to shop and knocked four people off my Christmas list.
My very special 22nd birthday is tomorrow (woo hoo!) and I have no idea if I'm doing anything special (the hubby already took me out for dinner and a movie...side note: go see This Christmas when you get a chance. It made me wanna be the matriach of my family!)
I have a very special night out on the town planned for myself and the hubby next weekend. Not as much as I'd like to do, but with my budget still in "recent college grad" status, I'm not able to spoil my baby as much as I'd like. Still, it should be fun. I plan on taking lots of pictures, so hopefully you'll get to see a few.