Monday, December 31, 2007

Are the holidays over?

Christmas is very different when you're a mom. True, this is my second Christmas with a little one, but this was the first one where she actually kind of knew it was a special day. She kept looking suspiciously at the tree, as if she expected it to talk. She would drag all the presents from under the tree, even if they weren't hers, because in her mind, why would we have presents that weren't for her? Foolish!

Next Christmas will be even more crazy because I will have TWO little ones. Yup, your girl is expecting again. So the little one gets to have a little brother and sister for the next holiday go-round.

Am I excited? Yeah, I'm ready. We both have full-time jobs now, so money (finally!) isn't an issue. I'm ready to see how we do with two, how the transition goes, how much Ayanna likes/dislikes being the older sister. I'm exicted for all the changes to come: we need a bigger place, a bigger car, a better organization system, etc.

It seems like once I finally catch my breath and get comfortable, something else happens.

Funny how life happens.