Thursday, March 29, 2007

People read more online than we thought....

I'm constantly reading and studying all about media. I love it. It's fun.

So when this article popped up in my email inbox this morning, I had to read it.

The article talks about how the myth of the short attention span is just that - a myth. People actually do read news online and can handle longer pieces if they are really interested in it.

I'm glad to hear this. I love to write and I believe that's where my gift lies. Sure, I can learn to produce video and take pictures and write short, but I prefer to use my words to get my point across. I'm old-school til I die.

What do you all think? Is long-form writing on the web okay? Do you read a lot online? As always, let me know....leave me comments!


Beaman said...

If I'm interested in a particular subject then length is of no concern whatsoever.

Paula Neal Mooney said...

You're so right, Tara.

I was thinking of this recently: That sometimes I prefer to write longer, better thought-out posts.

Like my one post about making money, I didn't mind making that mug really long, because I knew that folks interested in making money online would read it.

There's a place for both -- the long posts that folks are interested in reading -- heck, they can always print them out and go "meditate" in the bathroom with them!

And there's also room for the quick hits that get your point across.

Anyway, this is all good news for us bloggers!

Yolanda said...

I am a voracious reader and love reading online. Having the ability to research and absorb knowledge about any and everything that I could imagine has made the internet my favorite reading haven (as opposed to the stacks of books I used to go through in a week). I feel bad for not reading books as much as I used to but the internet has filled the gap until I can find the time to focus for more than just a few pages at a time. Even a long article on the internet is nothing in length compared to the novels I used to sit down and read from cover to cover in a few hours time.