Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Kelly Rowland is hot like fire...

Like I said in my previous post, Kelly Rowland is one to watch out for this year. Her sophomore album (do they still call 'em 'albums'? I feel so old-school just for typing that) Ms. Kelly comes out June 26 and I just had a listen to her first single "Like This."

I'm loving it! This single just screams "Get out the house with your girls looking fly in the summertime."

Check out the video below. (Thanks to Quicks for posting this)

I admit, when Destiny's Child was at its peak, Beyonce was my favorite member, but I always loved me some Kelly Rowland. Her first single, "Stole"? I played that song to death. "Can't Nobody"? Bumped that too. I hope she does it big in '07. She deserves it.

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David Jones said...

mmmmmm Kelly Rowland :)

I'm with you Tara, She just seems more interesting to me.