Thursday, March 29, 2007

Blogs I'm Feeling Right Now...

I spend a lot of time on the computer. More than I should, but when you're broke and bored, the Internet can provide a heck of a lot of entertainment.

So when I'm browsing, I tend to read a lot of blogs. Maybe 10-15 a day. I try to find new people with new concepts so I don't feel like I'm reading the same ones over and over again. As I've gone along, I feel these are the ones who deserve repeat visits.

1) - I don't know how David does it, but he manages to crank out quality posts all the time. He regularly posts on items I would never have found surfing the internet on my own - dust-mopping slippers, anyone?

2)African-American Dad - Ever since I became a mom, I've read pretty much all the "mommy blogs," where either stay-at-home moms or those who work outside the home decide to blog and chronicle their lives or work or just daily thoughts. I can pretty much relate to all of them, but I really enjoy reading about the male perspective. I enjoy reading about men who not only love their children, but chronicle that in a blog form. I never knew men were keen on revealing their personal frustrations on potty training, wife's mood swings, etc. African American Dad is great because you get to hear life from a voice that's not typically heard in mainstream America.

3) The Professional Hater - I don't know if this is a real blog or not, but this guy from Giant magazine cracks me up. His columsn/posts (whatever you want to call them) can be a bit harsh, but it never fails to put a smile on my face. I've only been reading it for a few days and already I'm hooked.

4)Ebony Mommy - Never met her, but I can say from reading her blog for a few months that she is one woman who has it all together. Beautiful kids, goregous house, fantastic relationship and a sense of self that comes across so powerfully on a computer screen. Like I said before, I don't know her personally, but after reading her blog I wish I did.

5) Tia Williams - Yeah, I mentioned this one before, but I had to say it again. I'm learning to give credit where credit is due and celebrate the fabulousness (is that a word?) of other people. Her blog is wonderfully written, with a sort of down-to-earth best friend charm that keeps you eagerly anticipating updates. She has got it together and I'm happy for her.

This is it for now. Maybe I'll make this a regular feature. Who knows? Let me know if you think I missed anybody. I'm always looking for new blogs to read.


Paula Neal Mooney said...

Okay, now I'm gonna go thru all these blogs and subscribe.

I'm surprised I'm not already subscribed to Jonzee -- I love David Jones' blog!


David Jones said...

WOW, I'm blushing lol. and Ive been kindof down on my blog lately...thinking about switching things up (which I may still do)

Thanks Tara and Paula for the nice comments :)I read and enjoy both your blogs on a daily basis also

(Plug alert-and check out my other blog

Yolanda said...

You are so incredibly sweet but my dear I'm no where near as put together as my blog may make things appear. I tend to focus on the joys and positives in my life- trust me its a daily struggle sometimes but I am honored by your recognition. Today is a day when I certainly needed to hear this so thank you.