Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Tony Parker and Eva Longoria do everything together....

Let's try an experiment. Head over to Google and do a image search for either Tony Parker or Eva Longoria. How many pictures on the first results page features a picture of BOTH of them? Quite a few, right?

It's not like they aren't an attractive couple. I mean, look at them....

It's almost too perfect, almost too cute. They're getting married in France!!! I mean, come on. On their invitation were the words "Please remember passports are required for international travel...." You know what my wedding invitations say? "Eat before you come, 'cause we're only having cake..." LOL.

My hubby is the biggest ESPN fan and he watches EVERY NBA game. For some reason, the Spurs are ALWAYS on TV, which means every time Tony Parker scores a basket, there's a shot of Eva on the sidelines standing up and cheering. I swear she should win an award for Sixth Man of the Year or something.

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