Wednesday, February 21, 2007

5 Weird Things About Me...

1) I can (and have) sit on the floor at Barnes & Noble or Borders or whatever bookstore happens to be around and read an actual book cover to cover. Yes I can. I read Karrine Stephans Confessions of a Video Vixen at Borders in about an hour and a half. Yes, I can read that fast.

2) I'm addicted to chewing ice. No. Seriously. I have about 5 ice trays in the freezer 'cause we can't ever seem to have enough for me. I've joined online support groups for the hope that I could figure out why I'm doing it and try to stop, but instead I just found people just like me who are addicted and have no intention to stop. They even post recipes for ice. ICE. As in, frozen water. But apparently there's a science to the temperature and things like that. I'm so addicted that I actually tried it. If you need someone to make slushy ice cubes, I'm your girl. It's a wonder I don't have dentures already.

3) I pick my lips all the time. Used to be just when I was nervous, now I do it when I'm uncomfortable, bored, hungry, stressed, etc. My lips are gonna fall off one day.

4) I can remember just about anything and therefore I don't really "study" for tests. I never have. I can remember lectures verbatim and never really realized how great this skill is until I became a journalist. When I'm taking a test, I just replay lectures over in my head. Weird, right? Yeah I know.

5) I'm nominating myself for TLC's What Not to Wear. I don't think I look that, but my wardrobe has seen better days. I need a new look, new clothes. I'm a new mom, a soon to be college graduate and I need to look the part. Boy, I hate wearing jeans every day with a different shirt. I want to look stylish and pulled together every day, instead of looking like I still shop at the Junior's department. I don't I swear!


Paula Neal Mooney said...

You see there, Tara, you're even more amazing than I knew!

It's an amazing gift that you can read that fast and remember so much.

My hats off to you.

And it's funny, Joyce Meyer had that same issue with chewing ice. I forgot how she said she overcame it, but it was probably thru much prayer!

I'm lifting up some for you right now.

I love your blog...

That Journalist said...

Thanks Paula! Yeah, I really need to stop. My teeth are soo sensitive right now but even talking about it makes me want to go to the freezer and pull out a couple of trays.

LuckySnap said...

I dont mean to giggle.....but recipies for ice? I just dont get it. I get the wanting to chew on it all the time. I can image your teeth ARE sensitive. But come on....Hubby has got to find some sort of benefits in this "bad" habit of yours. :)

Interesting post Tara. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

I dunno about that ice habit. And if I were hubby, I'd be careful about how recently you'd been chewing the cold stuff. Shrink factor and all that yanno.

Yolanda said...

Love What Not to Wear. I have a friend that was on the show and she had a great time. However she wound up not even using most of what she bought (day to day life still just didn't fit for her to dress up constantly) but she now knows what to buy for herself.

When I was pregnant with my first I was incredibly addicted to ice. My husband bought me a snow cone machine so I could have fresh shaved ice every day(it was sooo yummy and refreshing, no flavor just ice). Haven't had any interest in ice since his birth though.