Thursday, February 15, 2007

America's Next Top Model Cycle 8...

It's hard to believe there have been 7 cycles of ANTM. I never really watched the show until Season 3 (or whatever season it was that Eva the Diva won). I actually cried when Tyra named her the winner, and the first time I saw her Cover Girl ad I was so proud it was like her victory was my victory.

But like my friend Bob has pointed out again and again, ANTM has gone downhill in recent years. He has made some excellent points about the show. Here's my take on what can be done to make ANTM better:

*Tyra tone it down - A big part of this show is Tyra's credibility. She's BEEN a top model, she knows the business, she is arguably one of the hottest models ever. So we all know how great she is, and it's time for her to tone it down a little. I used to love the episodes where Tyra would come to the photo shoots and give advice, but know I feel like now it's about her too much.

* Better photo shoots. Some of the photo shoots from last season were a bit too out in left field. The one in Barcelona where they had to pose in a bull ring? Totally stupid. They had a live bull in there, but they Photoshopped in the cape? Why couldn't they have Photoshopped in the bull? Why risk their safety like that?

The new cycle starts Wednesday, February 28 with a two-hour premiere on the CW network.

Here are the girls....Who do you think will win?

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