Tuesday, July 22, 2008

What does it take to be a good mother?

The days of having only one child are slowly coming to an end and I'm overwhelmed with conflicting emotions. On one hand, I feel like my life is suddenly making sense. On the other, I feel like my world is about to be completely out of control. (For those who truly know me, know that I'm a total control freak.)

These past 20 months with Ayanna have taught me a lot about motherhood. I thought I had an idea of what a good mom was - someone who loves their child more than life itself, someone who has unwavering patience and an inclination to parent with love at all times.

But putting those things into practice everyday is harder than I thought and I'm still learning what it means to be a good mother.

I truly struggle with motherhood. Everyone who sees me, sees the mom that I want them to see. No, I'm not at home beating my daughter or anything like that, but I get frustrated with my parenting abilities on a daily basis. Every day I'm wondering if I did this right or if I did something wrong, or if I'll ever learn how to do X-Y-Z. It's a constant guessing game.

Now that I'm about to have two kids, I wonder: Will I ever feel like a mommy vet? Will I ever truly feel like I know what I'm doing? Will I ever just get it? Or does it take a lifetime of parenting, of loving, of teaching, in order to feel secure in your abilities?

All I know is that I love my kid(s). Love 'em to death. Would do anything for them. Will do anything for them. I think when your kids know the truth behind those statements, that's when you are a good mother.

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