Monday, July 14, 2008

It's Almost Here!!!

Yes, the newest addition to my family is almost here (less than a month to go!), but that's not what the title of this post refers to.

Over the past two months, I've been working on a side project that will (fingers crossed!) earn me enough money to call it a side hustle. Right now, I'm just trying to make sure it was sustain itself, especially since I decided to start it when I was six months pregnant. Probably not the best time to start a new "business," huh?

But I saw a void and thought I could fill it. I didn't want to wait until my life calmed down and felt normal again, because that could take years.

You'll get more details in the coming days, as I plan to launch it officially in the next week. I'm soo excited, can you tell? I'm not really spilling on what it is, but if you're a young mom or know someone who is, this is for you!

Stay tuned!

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