Thursday, August 30, 2007

Keep living, keep writing....

I went out to lunch with my boss the other day and we had a nice discussion about everything - men, marriage, juggling the demands of motherhood, etc. And then she asked me a question I wasn't prepared for...

"So what's new with you? What have you been up to besides work and taking care of your little one?"

Seems like an easy question on the surface, but I struggled to come up with an answer. Why is it I couldn't think of a single thing to tell her? Is that all I do now?

And as I thought about it some more after we got back to the office, I realized I truly have been all work and no play. I wanted to go to the Beyonce concert here in Cleveland a few weeks ago, but didn't. I didn't have the money. I wanted to go to Crocker Park in Westlake, someplace I've never been, but wanted to check out, but I didn't. I didn't have the time.

Sure, I'll chat with my friends and they'll come over and laugh with me, eat some good food, watch a movie or two, play with my daughter. We always have fun. But I feel kind a rut, I suppose.

Especially when it comes to this blog. I'm tired of writing about what I think about the fabulous life of some celebrity or the latest major move someone else has just made. I want to be that fabulous chick who has a new story to tell every day. I don't want to be boring.

So I've made some changes in my life. I promise myself that I will do what makes me happy. Whether that's starting a new hobby, working out more, or becoming a beauty junkie (I'm well on my way :) I want to just enjoy life, not just live it.

Either way, I'm going to keep writing. So I might as well have something interesting to write about, right?

Take care,


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Trenting said...

There truly isn't enough time in the day, so many things on my mind, so little time~