Monday, July 16, 2007

Sometimes I hate Cleveland....

Ever since I discovered I wanted to make journalism my career, I found myself in an interesting dilemma: Do I stay in Cleveland and make a go of it here or do I (ultimately) pack it up and move to New York and compete with the hundreds of new hungry journalists every year?

Everytime I think about making that decision it gets harder and harder. Especially since I'm no longer the carefree young grad with no strings and seemingly tons of ambition. I have obligations now, responsibilities that don't allow me to just pick up and move to a city where it's ridiculously expensive.

And Cleveland has been good to me. Decent, affordable houses, decent opportunities, etc. I actually like Cleveland.

My goal right now is to live in Cleveland for the time being, land a job in magazines, and then move to a larger city once our finances are right and it makes sense with our careers. I'm giving it two to three years tops.

But the most aggravating thing is that while I like Cleveland, it's not New York. To be an editor in Cleveland is not the same thing as being an editor in New York. And sometimes I feel like I would be shortchanging myself if I stayed here in my comfort zone.

But really, it's not about me anymore. My decisions aren't 100% based on what makes me happy - the majority of the time it's about what is best for my daughter. Would a New York upbringing be possible? Yes, but I'm not sure that's what's best for her. I want her to be around family and the majority of our respective families are in Northeast Ohio.

So what do I do? Feedback would be greatly appreciated!


Martin Lindsey. said...

Nobody starts off at the top. You have to cut your teeth on something smaller and develop a portfolio and reputation that you can leverage for something bigger down the road. That's your main thing now, to develop a body of work worthy of notice.

Working Girl said...

tough question...I'd have to agree with the previous commenter. And as an adult who was uprooted a lot as a child, I'd advise you to choose your moves carefully.

good luck!

james said...

make your move on the impact you think you can make. if you work at a mag here and can have an impact that will get you noticed, then go for it. sometimes bigger isn't better, in new york you may be at a mag but your impact won't be noticed as much because of where you might have to start at the bottom. or you could go to ny and blow up who knows. make the decision that you want and won't regret

Clark Kent said...

Being here is definitely an alternative to being in Ohio. There is the opportunity, the networking and all that, but there's also the backstabbing and phoniness. The key thing about NY vs. Ohio is the shock. Sure, you had that Summer internship, but try living on a train line that takes 20 minutes to arrive, having to transfer two times to make it into the city, all so you, your hubby and child can live in a neighborhood that doesn't have to worry about what colors one wears or loudmouthed fools to pick fights with.

I miss home. But I wouldn't pass up the opportunity. Although you and I are in two different scenarios, you are the better writer and would make mince meat out of these "writers" who are quick to drop pants for a 200 word feature. If finances are the issue, please, wait till you have enough money. I came here to NY with a bag of clothes, an air mattress and my computer [phone, too] -- it's been an uphill climb and I feel like I've been here for months...'s only my second week...

The stress can/will kill you and if not, the people would do the job for you if you push them to. But like I said before -- I love it and I wouldn't have it any other way.