Sunday, July 01, 2007

I Thought I Told That We Won't Stop, Uh-uh...

A few months ago, I told you I had some things in the works and I'm happy to say that the moment I unveil some of my endeavors is getting closer. I'm tinkering with my new site, trying to get the layout down, have it looking very crisp and very professional, yet at the same time giving it some of my customary flair. It will be hosted by Wordpress, and I haven't really experimented much with them, but from I've seen so far, it's definitely an upgrade. (Sorry, was good while it lasted.) So make sure to check back soon so you can change your bookmarks and all that good stuff. *smile*

Take care


David Jones said...

You'll like wordpress, I tried it out on one of my blogs and fell in love with it.

Missed you Tara

Martin Lindsey. said...

Yeah, you're definitely gonna love it. I love the thing and I'm still tinkering with it as I go. Tags and widgets are what you want to study up on.

Can't wait to see the new operation.