Friday, June 29, 2007


I've been getting yelled at by everyone lately because I haven't updated this here blog regularly and my friends have let me know that it is NOT.ACCEPTABLE.AT.ALL.

Geez, I didn't know you cared so much. *smile*

But what I will say is that between work, taking care of my daughter (and husband, I guess) and looking for a new job that's a wee bit closer to where I live (yeah, that 2.5 hour commute each day is killing me and my car) I've been eating dinner and then collapsing into bed around 9:30 every night. Did I mention I'm 21?

I know truthfully, there is nothing in my life that I should be complaining about. And really I'm not complaining. I'm just thinking, Why do I feel so....old? (Apologies to my over 30 readers) I just think it's interesting that I really do not have much in common with my friends my age. They are, for the most part, still in school and working and having fun and doing all those things you do when you are young and free. I relate much better to my older counterparts, who know firsthand the joys of putting your children to bed, anticipating a night of "quality time" with your hubby, only to have your plans shot to heck when your child realizes he/she isn't quite ready to go to bed despite the fact that mommy and daddy haven't had any "alone time" in quite a while... (I do hope you all know what I'm alluding to with the quotation marks)

I mean, I knew I was old the night of my bachelorette party, when it was 11 pm and one of my friends suggested we go to the club and celebrate properly. We all just kind of looked at each other and said, "Naw, let's just go to sleep." And that's what we did. We went to bed.

But that was fine with me. I enjoy a good night of sleep more than anything right about now. Give me a choice between sleeping for 10 hours in a bed filled with fluffy pillows and 500-count Egyptian cotton sheets or winning $25,000 - well, I'll probably take the money, but I would at least hesitate and think about it for a moment.

Funny how your priorities change as you get older.....


Paula Neal Mooney said...

I'm totally feeling you, Tara.

And no offense taking on the "older" readers part.

:-) Cheese.

Keith said...

I've always felt old. I had two and three jobs when many of my friends had none. I graduated from college when many of my friends didn't (not that that means much). I had a kid when my friends didn't, and I'm married five years at the age of 28. It is what it is. I can relate to what you're saying.