Sunday, April 01, 2007

Reading is fundamental, part II

At my baby shower last year, I was given the usual gifts: diapers, clothes, bottles, bibs, etc. But my friends bought an insane amount of books. I thought this was weird.

Why buy books so early? I knew between feeding her and trying to find a moment to sleep, reading to a baby who couldn't care less about what adventures Pooh and Tigger were getting into would be a useless task.

But the more I thought about it, the more I think it makes sense.

So many times, when I've exhausted all the children's songs I know and my arms ache from lifting her in the air while singing her name, I lay her down on the bed and go get a book. I figure, while she doesn't know what I'm saying, the experience of laying in bed with a good book has got to be beneficial somehow, right?

I think one of the main reasons I'm so successful (if I can say so myself) is because I like to read. I read anything. When I was younger, I couldn't just eat dinner, I had to read something, anything while I was doing it. For breakfast, I would read the back of the cereal box over and over. By age 10, I could tell you the ingredients for any cereal you could think of.

That's why I named the blog "Words 'n Such." My love of writing is really just a love of words. It's just that simple.

And I want to pass that love of words, of learning, of writng down to my daughter. I believe if you are a good reader, the world is yours.


Steve Harper said...

Great name for a BLOG!

Ripple On!!!

Steve Harper

Keith said...

My son is quite the lover of words too. He is a remarkable reader for almost 4 and he is always asking us how something is spelled. I like to think it is, at least in part, because I read the same book to him every night while he was in his mother's womb. Once he was born the words from the book soothed him. (BTW - The book was "Oh the Places You'll Go" by Dr. Seuss.)

That Journalist said...

I read that book to my daughter too! It's a good one for encouraging them...

Paula Neal Mooney said...

I love reading so much, too, Tara.

I often read shampoo bottles and such just to have something to read.

And your daughter is truly benefiting from you reading to her, even at her young age.

They said babies listen to the rhythm of language and learn a lot more than we know.

Those board books are great, because the kids can also chew on them a bit while they're teething!

That Journalist said..., Paula!

I thought I was the only one who did that! I read shampoo bottles, signs, the back of DVDs, EVERYTHING. Just like a few posts back I said I even read my movies. I thought I was weird for that, but I'm glad to see there are more people like me out there!

Elle* said...

I think this is great! I became such an avid reader because my grandmother insisted upon it. She would make me come in from playing and read. I was reading at around 3 or 4. And now, I'm a journalism major in part because of it.

luxhie said...

elle, (and all), we had quite the different experience.

My grandmother actually chased me out of the house with a broom because it was Friday afternoon and while all the other kids were outside playing, there I was reading a book. *sigh*

Haven't thought about it in a while, makes me very sad and teary.

Young lady - new mom, new graduate, soon-to-be-wife: enjoy your life (you sound like you are well on your way).