Monday, April 02, 2007

Please support my friends...

Head on over to Giant magazine's online home, to check out an article by esteemed colleague Charreah Jackson, titled, Are Black Girls Out of Style?

I met Ms. Jackson last summer, when we were both interns in the American Society of Magazine Editors internship program. We didn't hang out much during the 10-week stay (Ms. Jackson, a Howard student, was busy getting her network on and I, being 5 months preggers at the time, tried to stay out the heat as much as posslbe) but we still talk now. I even asked her to watch out for my little sis who decided the HBCU experience was too good to pass up.

She is major. And she's still in college. You can check out her blog, Queen to Be, to read more about how fab she is.

So what does that tell you about her future?

It's bright!

Let me go put my shades on!


Quick's said...

...thanks for the link...this article was hot!

Paula Neal Mooney said...

I'm headed over there to check it out...

I'm still smiling because I got somebody's beautiful wedding invitation in the mail -- wink, wink!

I'm putting it on my calendar!


queen-to-be said...

aww. thanks homie! I didnt even realize you were pregnant till the end:) and you must post a wedding invitation on here so I can see!

Anonymous said...

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