Friday, April 20, 2007

My Goals for the Future

My good friend Martin Lindsey has tagged me to list my goals for the future. I actually have a ten-year plan (that was blown to bits when I found out I was pregnant last year), so I have revised it. Here are my goals that I will achieve by 2008:

1) Get a job in the magazine industry. My current job is in public relations. I am applying for this job to be an associate editor at a magazine in the area and I am really really praying that I get it. It's extremely hard to break into this industry where I live, but landing this job will help me make that next step in a larger city.

2)Get this balance of motherhood and career together. I don't trust just anyone to watch my daughter, so I'm having a hard time getting used to the fact that I will, eventually, have to put her in daycare. As unproductive as it makes me, I still like having her sit on my lap while I type.

3)Become a better wife by being nicer to my husband. Sometimes I can be a bitch. There's no other way to put it. For example, yesterday, I was tired and I wanted to lie down for a minute so I tried to hand my daughter to him and I asked him to change her diaper. He told me to put her down and he would get to her in a minute. However, he was just sitting on the couch watching TV.

That set me off. I got upset and called him useless. Useless. Ugh. How mean am I? I tried to apologize but it's gotten to the point where he doesn't even listen to me when I get upset anymore. I don't even think he heard me call him useless.

But just things like that I need to work on. If he said half the things to me that I say to him, I would be mad all the time.

4) This isn't really a goal per se, but I need to get out more. I went out with my friend last night for half-priced appetizers and we arrived at the restaurant about 35 minutes before they closed. No one looked like they wanted to serve us, which is kinda understandable, but I was so upset. I wanted to scream, "Look guys! I don't get out often! If you don't get over here and serve me some food, I'll be forced to go home early and Lord only knows the next time I'll be able to escape!" I'm taking that as a sign.

I'm tagging a few more folks I guess.


2) Kimberly

3) Insert your name here. That's right, I'm tagging everybody! Let me know what your personal goals are...Keep it going!


Keith said...

#2 Day care is a necessary evil for people that have to work to survive. I wish you luck in finding one that will meet the high standards that I can sense you have.

#3 is interesting. I appreciate your honesty and your willingness to do your part. But remember it's a two way street and my fellow husbands need to also be sensitive to what sets off our wives.

#4 I'm not even sure if can socialize normally with adults. Most of my adult contact comes via blogging. It's kind of scary.

That Journalist said...

Keith: Yeah I know. Most of my adult contact comes from blogging, too. However, I'm usually talking with people who are older than me, in their 30s. We just seem to have more in common. Isn't that strange?

SweetGyrl & StreetBoyz2biznizmen said...

Well here I am I was tagged! so my goal are as follows:

I felt a bit of depression as I turned 36 on May 3. I was like wow! I have not lived my full potential yet!!So I have made a decision to become better at everything I do. I live to live my dreams, and reach my hearts desire.

It entails:

Love, Honesty, Commitment, Honesty, and more writing.

STay tuned there is more.