Thursday, April 19, 2007

BET's first original scripted series to premiere in October

Okay, anyone wanna guess what it's about?

Yeah, you over in the corner?


No, that's a good guess but no. You, sir, with the gold teeth?


Also a good guess, but that's not correct either.

Slackers. Yup. That's right. Slackers.

I'm trying not to rush to judgment, because I haven't actually seen any episodes or know who's in it. But slackers??? Reggie, that's the best y'all can come up with?

Check out the full article here, at USA Today.


David Jones said...

I am glad they are doing something, BET seems like it has really been left by the waste side as far as their lineup, all reruns of older tv shows and "straight to video" movies (and music which is fine).

Hope this end up being a good show

Quick's said...

...although this is a first (congrats to BET for that), i'm still bothered that the show will be showing our people in a negative light. America already has a "ghetto, lazy, hood" stereotype about blacks in general, so what is up with BET perpetuating this way of thinking? Would it be so hard doing a show about college grads trying to make it in the corporate world, or even a show about ex-cons trying to change their ways after prison? (shakes head) We've got to do better-

David Jones said...

I'm curious, is BET still ran by "us". didn't the founder sell the station a few years back. I'm not sure. For some reason I'm thinking the same people that own MTV owns BET. don't know where that thought came from

Keith said...

I'm glad I don't have cable (or satellite, or FIOS)!