Friday, March 30, 2007

What Love Feels Like..

I really feel like I've fallen in love with this man all over again.

I mean, those first two weeks we spent together were beautiful. But now, three years later, I'm still feeling the same way and it's soooo good. I still think he's the sexiest man ever and every time he tells me he loves me or hugs me or touches me, I feel like the luckiest woman in the world. I'm having such a hard time describing what this feels like though. I've never done any drugs, so I can't compare it to any unnatural high.

How's this: You know the feeling you get when....

you're sick for a long time and you wake up feeling 100% better?

you take a bite of your favorite food?

when you catch a new episode of your favorite TV show?

you're really tired and you take a nap and wake up extremely refreshed?

you finish your last exam for the semester and that sense of freedom washes over you?

you smell your favorite food baking in the oven?

you open that first Christmas present and it's exactly what you wanted?

you find some money that you forgot about in your jeans when you go to wash them?

you hear a new song on the radio and immediately you know it's going to be one of your favorite songs?

you hop on the scale and see that you actually lost weight?

you go to the store to pick up something and it's cheaper than you thought or on sale, so you can buy two of them?

when you go to dinner with someone and the check comes and they reach for it, saying, "I got this"?

when you get an A on a test that you studied all week for?

you win the lottery?

That is how I feel when I'm with my hubby. Everything is just better. Everything.

I'm so happy.


Paula Neal Mooney said...

Now that's love!

Yolanda said...

Love is such a beautiful thing- beautiful post!