Sunday, March 04, 2007

In Need of A Change....

I want to change the look of my blog. Too many times I check out someone else's blog and their page looks like mine. Don't like that. Not at all.


I'm not at all web-design savvy. I mean, I barely understand HTML, and I don't even know where to begin. If you have any suggestions, please let me know.

If there's something you particularly hate about my current layout, please tell me. Maybe I can fix it and then it'll look better? Who knows....


Paula Neal Mooney said...

Hey Tara!

I've been out of the blogospher all day.

Quite relaxing.

Yeah, and I didn't know a thing about HTML till I started playing around in the Edit HTML section when you create a new post.

Then I started playing around with my template. Now I love it!

It's so wonderful all the things the Lord has inspired me to do.

I like your blog but I'd kill the pink. People might take it as you not being serious enough.

Just save your template first, then play around with other formats of blogs out there on Blogger.

You can easily switch to another template -- and get a preview first before you even switch.

But be warned, you will lose just some of the color formatting. I think only the text color you chose and stuff -- you won't lose anything major like your posts and comments and sidebar contents.

Just remember what you did in terms of making stuff pretty -- that's the only thing you'll have to redo.

Or, if you had added extra page elements in your header, you would lose that.

But if you haven't played around in the template HTML code, you won't lose anything you didn't change.

Go for it!


Stretch it out a bit.

But it still looks great anyhow.

Maybe research how to add an image to the header or something...

Take care,

That Journalist said...

I'm dying to figure out how to put a pic in the header!!! I've been playing around but you see my header is still quite picture-less....

And yeah, I like pink, and I put pink on everything. If I see another template I like, I might change it....