Monday, March 12, 2007

Grey's Anatomy....Before The Scrubs, Part 2.

I first saw Chandra Wilson in an episode of Sex and the City. Samantha, the sexually adventurous blonde (played by Kim Cattrall) had just given her heart to Richard, only to walk in on him, how should I say - pleasuring another woman. To pay him back Samantha posts flyers all around Manhattan that call him a liar and a cheater.

Chandra Wilson plays the cop who tries to stop her from posting flyers. Her role is brief but funny.

Now Chandra plays tough-as-nails Miranda Bailey on Grey's Anatomy. She said in an interview on Ellen that the role was originally intended for a short, blonde white woman, but she aced the audition and got the part. Good for her!

Chandra Wilson was also on the show "Bob Patterson," the brief comeback vehicle for Jason Alexander. Only five episodes aired.

Looking through her works, not much surprises me. She got into acting at an early age, landed this great role and the rest is history.

But Chandra Wilson inspires me. Not because she got a role on a hit show that wasn't intended for her, not because she's a black woman succeeding in Hollywood, not because she's curvy and doesn't apologize for it. Nope.

Because she is able to watch FOUR HOURS of TV every night. On Ellen, she said she has to watch all her soaps every day or her world won't be right. I'm tying to figure out what I'm doing wrong because I can't seem to find the time to watch ONE show at night, let alone four, and I'm not even on TV....

The mystery continues...


queen-to-be said...

lol. I do like her acting . . .but 4 hours of tv a night? Something I would never admit too:)

Paula Neal Mooney said...

Chandra's great.

And how does she watch all that TV?

Hmm...probably has a TiVo and is a night owl like me. TiVo cuts out all those commercials.

But she also has a nanny, so that might be it!