Monday, March 12, 2007

Can you pay my bills?


There's nothing I hate more than debt. I hate owing people money. A few months ago, I got a bill asking for about $100. I immediately went to my purse and wrote a check. I put the check in the envelope and demanded that my husband go mail it - IMMEDIATELY. Granted, it was about 7 p.m., so it wouldn't be mailed until the next day, but it was important to me that it get out in the mail IMMEDIATELY. He said he'd take it first thing in the morning, but I insisted the bill leave the apartment that very minute. I actually shouted, "Just do it!" like I was some psycho woman.

I just can not stand debt.

So I had a kid right, and apparently, I have pretty good insurance because what was once a $27,000 bill for all the costs associated with having my daughter, was reduced to about $2,000.

But (and let me be honest with you now) I only made $8,000 for the entire year in 2006. That's it. So for me to come up with $2000 is a bit of a stretch. I only have $124 in my bank account right now. That's it.

Needless to say, I'm stressed.

I'm trying to figure out ways to boost my income, because I don't start working until May and when I do, I don't want my first few paychecks going straight to the hospital. I'd like to have a little bit to save.

And yes, what about the hubby? Some of you may ask. Right now, our finances are kinda weak. Between regular life, student loans and now these bills, we're a bit tapped out.

So just pray for me. Pray that I find a way to cope...


LuckySnap said...

I wrote a post a while ago called "It came when I needed it". It was about me looking ahead over the next year at over $20K that we had coming up in bills (outside of the reg monthly bills), and with my husband being the only one working at the time, there was no way we were coming up with that kind of money. Then, the next day, I am not kidding, I got a call from my old boss telling me that he was firing my replacement and wanted me to come back PT until they found someone FT. That PT gig turned into me now working from home for my old employer. I could not have been more thankful. Even though I dont get nearly as much as I was making before, the extra few hundreds in my pay a month make our life a lot less stressful.

So, just hunker down and know that I am praying that "IT" comes when you need it too! :)

That Journalist said...

oh thank you for your story! I've been praying and hoping that something like that will happen...

thanks for caring!

Paula Neal Mooney said...

Hey Tara - You've got more money than me in your account right now!

But God is able. And I trust Him to come thru like He always does when we're in a bind.

He's teaching me to be more responsible -- it's good you're so good at paying your bills promptly!

And our Provider won't fail us.

I believe lots more money is on the way. He rewards us for the hard work and diligence and just because of His nature...

DEBTective said...

Sorry that you're stressed about the dough, dollface. It's good that you hate debt ... deep-six it as soon as you can. Don't know if you and your man are on a written budget, but that's a great place to start if you want to get rid of your debt.

If you can sell something and get a baby emergency fund in place, then you can start working a debt snowball. List your debts smallest to largest. Then pay minimum on everything but the little one until it's gone. Then take that money and put it on the next smallest debt. Before you know it, you'll have less debt during the day and more sleep at night.

You can do it. I'll say one to The Man Upstairs for you. Good luck, baby.