Tuesday, February 06, 2007

What do you want to do with the rest of your life?

I talked to my friend Morality today. She's in New York, persuing her goals of being an award-winning Broadway actress. When she left Cleveland after our high school graduation, all of her friends wondered how she would do. Would she like NYC? Would she be a struggling artist? How long before her big break would come?

I'm happy to say she is still in NY four years later, still persuing her dream. She told me that she was reevaluting some things in her life, trying to decide the best path for her to follow. I told her that she was already successful in my eyes, because she knew what she wanted to do and went for it.

I know what I want to do: I want to write. For as long as I could remember, that was my gift. I was always a talented writer. I can write anything: essays, newspaper articles, reviews, research papers, etc. Heck, I got my ex-boyfriend through high school by writing all his essays senior year. (I was a fool in "love," what could I say?)

But now, I'm three months away from college graduation. I've got my resume critiqued and ready to go, my cover letter is perfection, and I'm anxiously searching for a job. So imagine my surprise when my professor approaches me during a break in class and tells me a colleague of hers is looking for a student who can write to work with her. My professor tells me, "I think the job is yours for the taking."

A week later, I get a call and set up an interview.

It's tomorrow.

I don't really know if I want it. I mean, I love the organization and think it would be a great experience, but with my schedule as hectic as it is, and the added pain of finding childcare when I don't really trust anyone to watch my daughter, I don't know if it's feasible.

I need some guidance and I already prayed about it, so I'm just waiting for an answer.

Is this position going to lead to something better? The pay offer is already better than most of the jobs I've ever had, which is nice especially with the little one.

Is this job going to help me reach my goals? My primary duties would be writing (I'm guessing) materials for the VP of marketing. Press releases, things like that.

If I take this job, will my schoolwork suffer? Probably. Will it matter so much now that I'm in my final semester and I already have a 3.7 GPA? Not so much.

I guess I'm just searching for answers to a question that I'm scared of: Am I ready to reach my goals?

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LuckySnap said...

I say take it! Sounds like a good stepping stone for you and the referral comes from someone you trust. Its tough when you have a baby tho......I guess you need to make a decision on what's important to you at this moment in your life....staying home with your baby, or starting what could be a great career move. It doesnt mean you are neglecting your child. Millions of Mom's work in the world. And you are still young. Have you talked it over with your husband? I think it's only a decision your heart can make. Good Luck. Let us know how the interview goes and what you decide!