Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Tag! You're It!

Okay, so if I'm understanding this right, there's a new game floating around the 'net where people tag you and you have to reveal 5 things that people may not know about you. I consider myself pretty open, but here's my crack at it:

1) I want to be a chef. And the idea is more and more appealing to me every day, especially as the journalism industry seems to be shrinking and I'm trying to keep my hopes up that I will ever land my dream job. I LOVE to cook, which is why I get offended when people tell me, "Young girls your age can't cook." Well, I might not be able to throw down as well as my grandma, but my food is on point. Come by my house sometime and find out.

2) I'm scared of failing as a mother. These first few weeks have been challenging for me, I'm not gonna lie. I'm still adjusting to the fact that I'm no longer the person I once was: I don't act like my old self, nor do I really look like my old self. I'm scared that my anxieties about my looks and my independence (or lack thereof) will interfere with my role as a mother. I only hope and pray that this will pass.

3) I'm really really really scared of clowns. Why do you think I don't eat at McDonalds? That Ronald McDonald is a scary looking mofo.

4) I can spend hours, if not days at a time, sitting on the couch, glued to the Food Network. Actually, this ties into #1.

5) I've always had this strange feeling that I was gonna die young. Like, before I turned 30. Which might explain why I've always rushed to do things, and why patience has never been my strong point. I really hope to God I'm wrong on this point....

Well, those are my 5 things. Hope it was interesting!

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Paula Neal Mooney said...

Wow, Tara, those a five great things. I didn't know you loved to cook. I'm not fond of cooking too much.

And I seriously hope and pray you're wrong about that dying at 30 thing. Let's proclaim a long and happy life in Jesus' Name right now for you and your family!

Yeah, those first few weeks (and years?) of motherhood can be rough. It's the one secret we kind of keep from each other because everyone thinks that every woman should love every aspect of motherhood.

I'll admit, I was scared...