Monday, January 08, 2007

Do they have "mom jeans" in my size?

My whole pregnancy I was struggling with the idea of my body looking different than it did pre-baby. As fewer and fewer items fit me and I couldn't wear any of my old pants, I had to give in a buy maternity clothes, which didn't sit well with me. I could no longer walk into any store and fit clothes that fit. Now all of a sudden I had to look for shirts with an empire waist and if the pants didn't have a drawstring around the waist then forget it.

Now that my daughter is almost two months old, I thought I would be closer to my pre-baby size. Now, I know I probably shouldn't be complaining, but I'm barely squeezing into my size 6 Express jeans. I want to be back to my normal size! I'm tired of wearing my maternity jeans (although they are REALLY REALLY comfortable) and I want to wear my cute Isaac Mizrahi Mary Jane pumps!

I used to look at moms before and wonder why they let themselves go. Why didn't they simply eat better, work out more, wear cuter clothes? Well, I'll tell you why: it's soo damn hard!

Since I'm breastfeeding, I have to eat about 500 extra calories to make sure I produce enough milk, which means I'll probably stay a little chubbier than if I chose not to breastfeed. And that's fine with me. I just want to get my old self back. The semi-stylish, shoe fiend who could usually fit the clothes in any clothing store in the mall.

Now, as long as I don't wind up in some "mom jeans" (you know the kind - your mom probably wears them), I'll be fine.

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