Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Quick Updates....

I started working last week (if you couldn't tell by my lack of posts). Things are good there. I'm really enjoying it. Pardon my lack of enthusiasm - I just sat in bumper to bumper traffic for far too long. Hello, adulthood.

I graduate on Saturday. Hooray for me!

My daughter gets christened on Sunday! Hooray for her!

That's about all now...I think I have to lay down for a few...


Paula Neal Mooney said...

Yay, Tara, I'm happy for you.

Glad you like your job.

I just had an "uh oh" moment because I was thinking your wedding was this Saturday!

But no -- okay, graduation, good. I don't think I was invited to that, right?

Anyhoo, I'm still planning on coming to your wedding.

Take care and much love,

Sincere said...

Hey!! Congratulations!! I know traffic can be murder but you'll get used to it. hopefully.

Quick's said...

Congrats on all!; hope things are going well for you!

Martin Lindsey. said...

Congrats to you Tara. It's probably over by now so, party time now!!!!

What's the new job? Tell us about it.