Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Life as a single mom...

The hubby will be gone for three days this week and for the first time, I will be alone with my daughter. For three days. Alone. By myself.

Now, normally, 85 percent of my day is spent taking care of her, so I'm cool with that. But at a certain point in the day, I start anticipating when my hubby is going to walk through the door so I can hand my daughter off and then go lie down and catch my breath. So for three days, I won't have that.

Let's see how well I do.


Paula Neal Mooney said...

Yes, my hubby has been gone three days, too!

He came back last night but we barely spoke 'cause I got home so late from seeing Bishop T D Jakes at church. Wonderful! Simply amazing!

I used to get so scared when my husband was out of town.

Thank the Lord for releasing me from that fear.

But now when he's out of town, I sometimes take the kids out again around 5:30 p.m., the time he normally comes home -- so we do something else in that time space that occupies us.

Lots of love,

That Journalist said...

Hmm...good idea if I wasn't stuck in front of the computer finishing up what will (I hope) be the last paper of my undergraduate career!

Oh, well, maybe next time!

Kelly J. Fleming said...

Even now that my kids are older I still wait for my Husband to walk through the door. Lack of Human contact during the day!