Monday, April 09, 2007


Things have been quite busy around the house lately. Mama's trying to shake things up and because I've been so focused on work and school, let's just say the blog has kind of fallen by the wayside. [My pastor used to say that all the time, about everything. Didn't watch TV last night? You've "fallen by the wayside." Messed up your diet? "Fallen by the wayside."]

But things are good! I might have a new blog coming up in the next few weeks where I get to be associated with a group of powerful black women who are looking to change things. I'm also shooting a few pieces off to Cross your fingers that some appear on the site!

I start working May 1. I'm excited, but at the same time I've grown attached to being with my daughter all day every day. Oh, well, maybe those nice paychecks will help soften the blow.

But the thing I'm most excited about is the new project I have going with Kimberly Bowles. We're still in the planning stages, so nothing's definite, but I have a feeling that what we are doing will change the world.

Man, I'm loving this time of my life. I haven't felt this happy in a loooooooong time and it feels good to just smile because your life is GRAND. The other thing that could make life better is if the weather here in NE Ohio would get the message that it's SPRING, not Winter - the extended mix. Say it with me - "This snow, this snow, this snow has got to go!"

Yeah, I know I'm crazy.


Quick's said...

you're a busy bee; good luck on your Vibe Vixen articles. And i agree, this cold weather needs to cease-

Paula Neal Mooney said...

This snow has got to go!

Thank God the sun is shining today, hey?