Sunday, April 29, 2007

To podcast or not to podcast?

As I try to land that perfect job (my hunch says its coming soon!), I've been attempting to figure out how I can beef my up skills so I am more marketable to employers. I need to know how to assemble slideshows, shoot video, take pictures, and record a podcast.

Or do I need to know about podcasts?

Truthfully, when I go to various sites, I rarely, if ever, listen to the podcasts. It's like listening to NPR. It takes concentration. If I wanted to work that hard, I'd read a book.

Do you ever listen to the podcasts? Or do you look for video and pictures mostly when checking out the multimedia available on a site?


Paula Neal Mooney said...

Yeah, I'm not big on the audio podcasts either -- unless it's something I REALLY want to hear.

I will watch videos, though.

And some folks interchange "podcast" and mean videos and/or audio. But you're using the term correctly here.

I thought you were already beginning a job around the start of May?

David Jones said...

I love audio podcast...well I listen to quite a few of them. Its weird, the majority that I listen to on a regular basis, I hardly ever visit the website. Once I add it to my podcatcher, thats really all the involvement I have, unless theres something talked about on the podcast that I want to read more about.

I do a podcast, but its mostly for fun more than anything. I would like to do a video podcast, but I would have to come up with something creative, and other people to be in it....being that I would probably be too camera shy lol

That Journalist said...

Paula, yes I am starting my job this week, but a job that is a little more suited to my talents has opened up and I applied. So...we shall see....

Aldon Hynes said...

I rarely listen to podcasts. I do go out and check out videos from time to time.

That said, podcasting is a good skill to have. So, for me, I read some poems for and put them in a podcast. Check out Librivox, try a podcast or two, but it probably isn't something to add to your regular blogging

(My humble opinion)

joseph hollak said...

I wouldn't avoid learning how to podcast just because you yourself might not like to listen to them.

From one j-student to another, podcast skills come in very handy if you are headed towards the newspaper or magazine world of journalism.

Case in point, BusinessWeek already podcasts.

My local newspaper is currently building a $35,000 audio studio just for the sake of podcasting.

Know how, even if you don't love to use them.

BTW, if you want a good podcast to start listening to I would recommend NPR's On the Media. Helps you to stay current on the very industry to are about to enter.

IVY said...

No, I dont, and I'm a musician.

Yolanda said...

The only podcasts I listen to are typically related to skills I'm interested in learning(currently photography and video editing). But I typically put them on my ipod to watch (have the video one). I love the idea of podcasting, its just like you said- you have to have the concentration to listen. With my little ones I rarely get that much concentration time.