Friday, February 02, 2007

What irks you about your significant other?

I was fortunate enough to receive a copy of the book Babyproofing Your Marriage from my friend Paula. It's been one day and I'm already halfway through it. I read it at the gym, on the bed, while feeding the baby, etc. I just couldn't put it down because it seemed to speak to me and let me know that what I was feeling was common. I was able to pinpoint all the things that bugged me as a new mom.

If my hubby reads this, (and I'm not sure that he does) he would find it no surprise that my biggest gripe with him is that he refuses to put the diaper in the Diaper Genie correctly. He will just stuff it in there and walk away. We've had full arguments about it, but he'll just insist that he doesn't know how to use it, even though I've showed him at least 5 times.

So my question of the day is: What irks you about your significant other?

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Paula Neal Mooney said...

Hey Tara! I'm so glad you got the book! Isn't it sooo good? At first I thought I wouldn't like it, but now I'm telling a lot of people about it.

Yeah, the laundry list of stuff that irks us about our mates can be long, as I'm sure (but hope not) that their lists of us are.

But I like most in the book their "five minute fix!" I think a lot of wives should read that.

And I like what conference leader Joyce Meyer always said whenever I wanted to focus on the stuff my hubby did wrong in my eyes: Just pick up his dirty socks that he throws on the floor and focus on the positive stuff he does do right, and then they will magnify.

It's true. Those days I'm not gripping about something my husband has done, when I compliment him on putting out the trash, whatever, and flirt with him and steal some time for myself -- then I find things go better.

Happy reading and let me know what day you're free for coffee,

LuckySnap said...

The thing that irks me about my hubby is he will change a diaper and just leave it on the changing table (only if there is just pee in it..thankfully). I go in there to change her the next time and I already have one sitting there for me to get rid of. Men.