Saturday, February 10, 2007

MySuperProposal Guy Finally Popped the Question

With all the work I had to do this week, I forgot about the guy, the one who was trying to raise $2.5 million to buy an ad to play during the Super Bowl so he could propose to his girlfriend.

Well, obviously he didn't raise the money and no advertiser was willing to give up their spot for him, so he had to settle for proposing during an episode of Veronica Mars, his girlfriend's favorite TV show.

I thought it was a great idea and had he pulled it off, there is no way he'd ever be in the doghouse with her about anything! He would've gotten cool points for life! But anyway, below is the clip of him proposing. He did manage to raise over $80,000, which I believe is going to charity. I wish I could've seen the ring though...

Here's the clip of the proposal...Tell me if you think she's happy?

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