Friday, February 23, 2007

"I have always dreamed, but never this big..." said Ms. Jennifer Hudson when accepting her Best Supporting Actress Golden Globe for her show-stopping role Dreamgirls. Well, you better get your acceptance speech ready, JHud, 'cause this weekend I'm predicting you are going to win an Oscar, my dear.

I spent some time today at JHud's official website, and listened to some tracks of hers. I think she might have a few hits on her hands. Her voice is more powerful than any I've heard in a long time. I think her website design could use a little work. Although I'm not an award-winning graphic designer, I know her site isn't up to par with what a future Oscar-winner's site should be.

So let me be the first to congratulate Ms. Hudson on all her success so far. And if for some reason the Academy decides not to give JHud the honor of an Oscar with her first movie role, you still are blessed.

Keep your fingers crossed people!


Goss UK said...

Jennifer does really have a great voice

The Precedent Media said...

Jennifer was great in Dreamgirls, just one question, what if she does'nt win the oscar ms prediction?

That Journalist said...

I guess we'll never know what happens if she doesn't win....GO JENNIFER!!