Monday, February 05, 2007

Help a sista out!

I'm a college student. I've been there. Even with a set of parents who worked hard to give me a good education, at the end of the day (or more precisely, the beginning of the semester) the money for my tuition simply wasn't there. So I had to talk with the Financial Aid office over and over and over again to assure them that yes, the money was on the way, and no, I wasn't BSing them.

So when my friend Kevin told me about his friend Danya's situation, I felt for her. Wanting that college degree and not having a way to pay for it is something I can relate to. Sophomore year, that was me and only by the grace of God did the money appear.

So Danya (that's her in the picture below) needs your help. Saunter on over to her website and see her progress as she tries to raise enough funds to go back to school. I recently talked with Danya to see how I could help and therefore, how YOU could help. Here's some of her comments.

"People should give 10 bucks towards my education because kids like me are worth it and I represent something that is bigger than me: I am championing a cause that impacts so many people. I am one of the small number of people in our country right now advocating for higher retention in college campuses across the nation by creating programs that provide alternative funding means for students who'd otherwise have difficulty doing this because of the families into which they've been born. And this actually matters, because the more college educated people we have in our country, the more likely we are to have higher, taxable incomes, higher property values, more jobs, more businesses created, etc. This hits everyone's pocket at the end of the day.

This question seems so obvious. Why WOULDN'T you want to help someone who is already clearly a leader and is already clearly working to change things? Why wouldn't you want to help someone who is working to make it easier for your own child to just afford college in the future?

And beyond all of that, I think my leadership has been pretty obvious. I not only have potential, but I have real results. I've led actual organizations that literally change people's lives; *created* programs that literally change people's lives; taught workshops that have left people changed, forever.

The evidence is there, and society directly benefits from people like me in the world. The sooner I get to finish a formal education, the sooner I can augment my current level of performance to deliver even more results to people throughout this nation and beyond."

Head on over to her website and see what you can do. Tell your friends, tell your neighbors, tell your co-workers...Spread the word!

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Paula Neal Mooney said...

This is awesome, Tara! Thank you for posting this. I'm headed over to her site today to "help a sista out!"

I remember those days of waiting on that financial aid money to kick in...