Tuesday, February 27, 2007

4 Reasons Why I Blog:

After reading Paula's blog the other day where she detailed the five reasons why she blogged, it made me think. Why am I doing this? What do I hope to get out of it? Why do I attempt to post something new just so people I don't know can read it?

Here's my shot at the truth:

1)So I can write. This seems to be an obvious reason, but no matter how many things I write, it feels like I can never write enough. I like the way the keys feel underneath my fingers and the tap-tap-tap sound is so soothing I don't need to meditate.

2)To become a better wife. This blog helps me analyze my feelings, much like having a journal. On here, since my husband doesn't read the blog, I can vent about what scares me, what frustrates me, and then when I talk to him, I know what I want to say and then I am free to just speak. Since I started blogging daily (well, almost daily) I have to say that I don't harbor so much resentment anymore. I can articulate my feelings with much more certainty.

3)Because it's popular. Yes, I could write in a journal, but that doesn't necessary give you fans, now does it? Now don't get me wrong, I definitely don't do this for the fame (Do you see any paparazzi stalking me? No, I didn't think so....) but it's nice to get compliments on my writing from people I don't neccesarily know. The fact that blogs are the new way to communicate, share ideas and meet people really appeals to me.

4)To practice for the day when my writings will actually mean something to people. From a young age, I've felt that I was destined to be super-successful. When I was around 13, 14, I used to write interviews where I'm pretend to interview myself, where I was a mega-celebrity hanging out with Diddy and Usher. I loved it. I'd pretend to be a rapper, a chef, a singer, a writer, whatever. In those fake interviews, I was fierce. These interviews were really long too. I'm talking like 10-11 pages of a Word document. One day I'll BE that supersuccessful writer and these blog posts will be like a "Before I was Famous..." piece....

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Paula Neal Mooney said...


Your writings actually mean something to people today!

Thanks for playing my little meme game.

I'm so glad you're still blogging...