Thursday, January 18, 2007

Is she insecure or is it a match made in heaven?

I used to be a super jealous girlfriend. I mean, if his phone rang and I was closest to it, I couldn't pass it to him without looking at the number first. I used to be the type to check email and missed calls and received calls. I'd look at phone bill records and see who was on his Buddy List. I'd look at the websites he'd visited, just to see what he was up to.

Don't ask me why I did it. My husband has never given me any reason to suspect him of anything the whole time we were dating. It was like something I couldn't control. But he let me know that that sort of behavior wouldn't be tolerated. He told me he had nothing to hide and I believed him. I never found anything, not even an innocent "hello" from a platonic friend. So I changed my ways and became the woman I am today. Now, if he answers his phone and goes in the other room, I will say something, but I won't trip.

I said all that to say this: you know I love me some black couples in love. There's nothing stronger than sincere true love. I love Will and Jada, Denzel and Pauletta, Mary J. and her husband Kendu, etc.

So when I heard about the reality show, The Christies, starting former NBA star Doug Christie and his super-protective wife, Jackie I knew I wanted to watch. It debuted on BET J (I've never heard of that channel) back in October, but I hadn't heard too much about it. All I know is that many people would classify their relationship as odd.

Jackie would travel to his away games, staking her claim, rarely, if ever, leaving her husband's side. Doug doesn't do interviews with female reporters out of respect for her, and he rarely makes eye contact with other women in general. Check out this promotional picture for the show: . I don't know any man who would pose like that. After viewing some of their interactions, I think they really are in love, but it's strange love at best. I don't know if I could even place all these restrictions on my man. In an interview, Jackie said she trusted Doug, but she didn't trust other females. Which, to me anyway, means she could trust Doug not to make the first move, but if someone put the sex on a platter for him, she's not sure he'd be able to resist.

They've been together for years now, so I guess it works for them, but I know I wouldn't be able to sustain a relationship with someone who had all these restrictions on what I could say or do with the opposite sex. Here's a short clip of Jackie and Doug if you'd like to see what I mean...

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Paula Neal Mooney said...

Oh my God, Tara...that clip is too funny! I love them and I can't believe I haven't caught their reality show yet.

I pray they stay together. I, too, admit that I've been kinda of a snoop dog here and there -- but for the most part I leave it alone. Anything I need to find out, I'll find out in the fullness of time.

I love the way you've embeded these cool videos and stuff and pics. Keep it up!

Now I'm off to your page!