Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I Know I'm A Little Late With This...

...but classes started yesterday and this ALREADY looks to be a difficult semester. I had to stop myself from crying!

Yes, the Golden Globes were Monday night and of course I watched to see if Jennifer Hudson won for Best Supporting Actress. And she did! I was so happy for her because it just shows how fierce she is, how incredibly determined she was to be successful. After Simon's comments to her on American Idol, about how she wasn't right for the competition, she could've taken that to heart and given up on her dreams. But instead she kept on pushing, landed a role of a lifetime and now will probably be nominated for an Oscar. Amazing how things work out! (I keep telling myself that as I get deeper and deeper into my classwork...somebody help me!)

Here's a clip of her acceptance speech:

Did I mention she looked amazing too?! Also, check out this interview she did back in December where she says she only watched Jennifer Holliday's performance on YouTube, the same clip I posted last week!


Evelyn said...

I am no idol fan, but I love me some Jennifer Hudson! I am sooo proud of her.

Paula Neal Mooney said...

I know! I was so happy for Jennifer Hudson, whom Simon apologized to on Oprah.

Jennifer is so wonderfully humble and I loved that she said all the love in response to her Dreamgirls role felt like, "God's favor."