Saturday, January 20, 2007

Be My Valentine

Ever since I have been part of a couple (3 years and counting), I have looked forward to Valentine's Day with the enthusiasm of a five-year old on Christmas Eve. I start dropping hints about it around Christmas, and continue all the way up to the special day. This year, with a two-month-old, classes, work, and a bank account that's stretched like a rubber band, it'll be amazing if we even do anything.

But then I remembered that Tyler Perry's new movie, Daddy's Little Girls comes out on Valentine's Day.
I'm glad to see him continue his success and to do something other than a Madea movie. I enjoy his Madea plays and that's definitely what brought him the most success, but to branch out and change it up is a part of life.

It looks to be a good movie, with Idris Elba (the sexiest man alive other than my husband) and Gabrielle Union (such a cutie pie) in the leads. The movie centers around Elba, a single father of three in a blue collar job, who meets Union, a successful attorney. You can check out the trailer

So whatever you do, make sure you show your special someone that you love them, not just February 14, but every day.


Navilyn said...

I certainly intend on seeing this!

If only to see for once a man getting merit for doing 'his duty'. A lot of men do it, not looking for metit, but, it's nice one in a while...

Paula Neal Mooney said...

I know, this movie looks so good. And Valentine's Day is one of my favorite holiday's too, outside of Christmas and Resurrection Sunday!

I guess I'm just a romantic at heart.